How does it work?

Tattoo that  you’ll have forever on your skin is the icing on the cake! In this article you will find out all the necessary steps of the process.

Tattoo itself is preceded by a long process, that addresses the theme, dates, consult of the design and tuning details. Only after this whole process comes on T-Day, when we immortalise the tattoo on your skin.


With most clients we agree by email, after all, it is the most effective way, and not everyone has the time for a personal consultation. In an email please describe your idea, if you know a particular theme from my designs or just overall idea in your head, even the stuff you would like to avoid. Remember to write down the size of the tattoo and where the tattoo should be, what location on the body and preferred colours. However, if you prefer to be just a personal meeting and reach an agreement during consultation, then it’s no problem, you just write it into an email and we will.


Once we have an appointed date and you have paid a deposit, then you’ve done your part. Now it comes my time when I sit down over a proposal and I paint and paint. I Always create original design. I do not tattoo from picture on the internet. I’m not simply “copy-paste”! I see tattoos as a personal expression, something unique, what should enrich its owner, whether psychologically or  physically.  I’m trying to work with the said location and size of the tattoo, to respect the anatomy of the body image. Your idea of the size of the tattoo determines the amount of detail that I can afford to incorporate into the design, so it is important to mention it.




I will send you the design at least one day before the scheduled appointment. Maybe you’re afraid it’s too late, but I know from my own experience that if you chose me for my style, I will not disappoint! Moreover, all the details, the size and location of a tattoo we fine tune together in the studio on the day of the appointment.

It is here! On T-Day eat well and come to us to a tattoo studio in a good mood. Conveniently settle down, I will offer you something to drink and have some fun together on the details. Sometimes there is no problem and everything goes fast, sometimes it is necessary to rethink everything better and consider all options. You do not have to worry, we will have enough time for everything!


After selecting the correct location on the body and the best fitting size, we go at it! I impress the motive of the skin, let it dry, you settle comfortably in a tattoo chair (or lie down) and start tattooing . During the tattoo you can talk or you can just relax and leave chat for next time. It always depends on the particular mood and I always respect the client and his needs.

First tattoo

If you go to your first tattoo, you will probably worry about pain. Unfortunately, this experience is not transferable, everyone has a pain threshold elsewhere, once you hear it hurts unbearable and once that tearing eyebrows is worse. Surely you must reckon with the fact that it hurts (after all, I use needles), but it is not the pain that could not withstand. And how do you find out if your place will hurt? On the hand it will probably hurt a little less than the ribs. .. well, one must simply experience it. But I can confirm that 100% of my clients leave with a smile on their face!

The length of the session depends on the size and amount of detail in the design. Most midsize tattoos in my work that can find, takes about 2 hours to tattoo. But it is not a rule, and if you need to know the estimated time spent on tattoos forward, there is nothing easier than to ask,  same about the price, I always try to send price estimate be email after we agreed on final design.

After we finish you tattoo, you will get a nice look and I will take a photo of it, and wrap it. I will explain all about tattoos care (you also get a manual on how to care for fresh tattoo) and lastly there is nothing else than to enjoy your tattoo.

I think I described everything that I can think of and if you are interested in anything else, write me on instagram @deni_teckuje or directly through the booking form.

Have a nice day and I look forward to see you in studio ❤️

What you need to know?

What is HAND POKE tattoo?

Hand poke is a permanent tattoo, without use of a machine, only needle and ink.

Hand poke = tattoo, that is created dot by dot “the old way.”

This tattoo technique is a return to the roots, which in different parts of the world is done by a bamboo or needle. Tattoos always have meaning – spiritual, protectiveness and showed that the wearer belongs to a certain group. Now it is the same, in modern times, when the wearer of his tattoos express your attitude or it is a symbol of protection and good luck. It is also good to remember that tattoos can affect the wearer, his spiritual development and look at himself.

What do I use for hand poke tattoo?

I use a disinfectant, sanitary gloves, stamp solution (based  on the theme of the design on the skin), diluted soap, tattoo needles, tattoo vegan butter, vegan quality colours and other small tools, which you can see in the pictures.

All supplies are completely safe, from certified retailer. Hygiene is important to me and it is my highest priority – both in the preparation area and during the actual implementation. Everything is disinfected and i’m always wearing gloves.

My most important tool is the creativity that I put into each tattoo that I create. I believe that the energy which accompanies the process of tattoo can be stored under the skin to “recharge ” the owner.

How did I start tattooing?

Tattooing is my lifelong hobby and passion (sorry Mom ❤️). I have tattoos on my body both with machine as well as hand poke with different styles. Both are beautiful and always mean something to myself. In addition, there are plenty of styles and themes to fit hand poke and vice versa.

How did I became tattoo artist?

It was actually unintentional.

My friend had a birthday and I wondered what kind of original I could give her. Then it occurred to me that she is a creative soul, likes painting and tattoos. I’ve found a tattoo supply shop, where I found everything you need for tattoo and I went shopping. I bought a “starter kit” – a pair of needles, black colour and disinfection.. I thought that’s just try, we will tattoo a few dots on the proof of friendship, and that’s that. The opposite was true! I was caught and it was image after image – ankle, forearm and fingers of the left hand. Next it was friends and their friends and it spread.

From the beginning, I tattooed only a few friends and a few cases where someone liked my design. Then the circle of ‘victims’ expanded and now I am opening my pictures for you!

Snapseed 15

Why hand poke?

Tattoos without machine are always unique, each line is not the same – or perfect. Just like life – it is not about perfection, and that’s right.

My rules

I tattoo only my own designs.

I always draw my design. Even if you want only simple minimalist heart, I’ll draw it by hand.  I create complex designs, according to clients thoughts, feelings and desires.

Vegan tattoo ink and other supplies

I use quality tattoo ink that is vegan friendly and cruelty-free. For other needs, such as tattoo butter, stamp solution, soap etc. I always try to look for possible variation vegan & cruelty-free, but it is not always possible. To the clients I want to be honest, because I mention that not everything is vegan & cruelty-free. E.g. Disinfection is an essential tool in my work because it is a medical equipment and must be tested. From my perspective, as a tattooer and the one who is responsible for the health of the client,  hygiene is in the first place, because  I do not tattoo without disinfection.


How do I see hand poke?

Hand poke for me is a personal thing and experience and I approach each client this way.  The biggest difference from the usual tattoo is  that for me it’s not like in a factory – like in large tattoo studio. As my client mentioned, hand poke is as mental wellness, we talk, nothing is cramped and I try to ensure that the client feels good. I make sure that everything is okay, the pain is bearable, that he is comfortable and has everything.